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New features in ver.5.1

Edit Page Invalidate

In previous versions of JotCache (ver.5.0 and before) when registered user with permission to create/edit frontend page was logged-in he could change content without any limitation but after his logout the page old content was shown until expiration or invalidation of the cached page. Such approach has its advantage (only final/reviewed content is shown to public) but in some cases is requested to immediately show new content to the public directly from cache. Here is possible in JotCache ver.5.1 to enable plugin parameter 'Edit Page Invalidate'.

With plugin parameter 'Edit Page Invalidate' set to 'Yes' is active automatic deletion of page (edited in frontend) from the cache. User performing frontend page edit must have at least CREATE user permission (in standard Joomla permission assignment Author group and above).

Domain Filter

With domain filter is posible to narrow scope of cached pages only to pages invoked from declared site. When input box is empty then no domain filtering is performed. When any domain string (protocol:hostname) is set then page caching is performed only for pages with URLs which match given domain. Domain strings are separated each to other with comma. Example :,

For exclusion of pages from page caching is necessary to set URL exclusion definition on exclusion form.

In JotCache the exclusion definition is based on parts of page internal URL (non-routed URL). In JotCache previous versions (ver.5.0 and before) is used for such purpose MARK mode with link containing internal URL shown on component Management View (column 'Mark'). This feature still exists in JotCache 5.1.x but for fast recognition of internal URL is available 'eye' icon left to page title/URI. Clicking on this icon is opened small popup window with internal URL string.

Extra cache lifetimes for selected pages

The cache lifetime (expiration time of the cache) is set in JotCache plugin for all cached pages in parameter 'Cache Lifetime'. Sometimes is needed to have different cache lifetime for selected groups of pages. In such cases is possible to set 'Extra Cache Lifetimes' parameter to value 'Yes'. Then in JotCache component is shown extra form 'Extra Cache Lifetimes' where is possible to define group of pages (based on part of internal URI query string) with specified own cache lifetime.

Cache split based on selected session variables

Some Joomla extensions use identical URL for pages with different content based on visitor session. When data for each visitor depends on small number of distinct values which are stored in session variable then it is possible to differentiate content also in case of the same URLs. One example can be currency selection on Virtuemart pages. The language code is stored in session variable 'virtuemart_currency_id'. When we put session variable name with leading character '#' (each session variable definition on separate line in case of multiple variables) then JotCache performs full recognition of currencies for cached pages.