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Exclusion of modules

Module positions excluded from page caching

In the Joomla CMS each module is placed to template specific position (see Administrator > Extensions > Module Manager / column Position. For graphical presentation see Administrator > Extensions > Template Manager, click on used template name and then click toolbar button Preview).

Starting with JotCache, ver.4.1+ module exclusions are simply implemented as a selection list of enabled template positions on the site :

On the form can be selected any frontend module position which is assigned and enabled in Module Manager.

Mark in your template only module positions which you like to be steady refreshed. When page is cached then all JotCache mark tags are stored with cached content. During recall of cached content the marked positions are replaced with module newest content.

Modules embedded in article content by content plugin

(Feature of JotCache 6.2.+)

Modules which are included in article content by means of special tags {loadposition..} or {loadmodule..} can be excluded from caching in JotCache 6.2.0 (and later). How to correct include modules in article content is described in Joomla Help and numerous articles e.g. Embedding a Module into an Article (Joomla 3).

The special tags {loadposition..} or {loadmodule..} processing is mostly performed by enabled core content plugin Content - Load Modules.

JotCache solution is based on usage of special content plugin JotLoadmodule which have to be used instead of Content - Load Modules plugin.
JotLoadmodule plugin is initially installed together with JotCache (6.2.+) package.

JotLoadmodule must enabled and Content - Load Modules must be disabled for correct module exclusion from page caching.