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New features in ver.5.2

Integration to asset processing extensions (JCH Optimize, Rokbooster and Scriptmerge)

JotCache 5.2.0 has new feature, which was longer time expected from site administrators, allowing close collaboration with Joomla js&css optimization extensions. Four most used extensions were selected : JCH Optimize, Rokbooster, JBetolo and Scriptmerge. Each of them is using different internal processing to combine and compress website assets - html, javascript, css files. After evaluation on test servers were choosen three of them - JCH Optimize, Rokbooster and Scriptmerge for possible integration with JotCache. JBetolo was rejected because of unstable operation with page cache.

The selection of which of named extension shall be linked to JotCache operation is simple action on JotCache plugin setup form (Cache Operation Modes tab) :

But before the integration with JotCache set page caching off for carefull testing of asset processing in selected extension. It is not simple & fast operation because you have usually many different parameters for setup and you need carefully check site pages for optimal settings. When you are satisfied with asset processing then you can enable JotCache operation. JotCache can accept different settings of asset extension but for Rokbooster is required to set parameter 'Scan Method' to value - Joomla Header Scan :

The integration is working properly when all combined files (js and/or css) are loaded correctly with cached page even in case when combined files are cleaned from its own cache.

Joomla global cache cleaning

Joomla has its own form for global cache clean accessible via System > Clear Cache administrator main menu. This form or Cache Cleaner extension was used for oldier version of JotCache for global cache clean.

Starting with JotCache ver.5.2.0 the enhanced version of global cache clean was integrated into JotCache component functions Delete, Delete Domain, Delete All and Renew. The Delete… functions are accessible from administrator JotCache Management View page. The Renew is frontend function which is shown on frontend cached pages in active JotCache Mark mode.

Clicking on Delete, Delete Domain or Renew button cleans also global cache but leaving page cache and asset processing extension cache (in case of integration with JCH Optimize, Rokbooster or Scriptmerge) untouched by global cache cleaning. Clicking on Delete All button cleans all items in global cache as well as in JotCache page cache. Here described operations are set as default in JotCache 5.2.0 but it is possible to disable global cache cleaning along with JotCache operation in JotCache component Options.