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JotCache installation


Recommended install procedure :

1. Install JotCache from file via Administrator > Extensions > Install/Uninstall / Upload Package File.

During installation process are installed both parts of JotCache solution : JotCache component and JotCache plugin. JotCache plugin is during installation set to the last position in order of Joomla system plugins with state disabled.

2. Open Plugin management : Administrator > Extensions > Plugin Manager / in Select type put 'system' and disable 'System - Cache' (when enabled) and open JotCache edit. Set plugin parameters as you like and save it with plugin enabled.

CHECK IF JotCache plugin IS LOCATED AS LAST in order of system plugins. If not change order in requested way.

3. Reset the old cache content with Tools > Clean Cache select all items and press DELETE button.

4. When you are using System SEF plugin then JotCache plugin have to follow the System SEF plugin in the Joomla plugin list (adjust order in Extensions > Plugin Manager, the best position for JotCache is the last item in the list)

Upgrade from old versions

Simply install new version of JotCache as described in 'Installation' over old one. This procedure applies also in the case when you are upgrading from JotCache version 1.x or 2.x.

When upgrading from old versions to JotCache 3.2+ check all module exclusions because starting with this version was module exclusion mechanism significantly changed. JotCache 3.2+ during installation itself performs necessary upgrade in database (creating exclusion type 4 in database table jotcache_exclude when old version had some active template location exclusions) and performs on-the-fly transformation for pages cached in old version.

Upgrading/reinstallation does not change content of jotcache tables in the database.


With JotCache uninstallation you remove all related database tables, component and plugin files. Uninstallation procedure is following :

1. Uninstall JotCache Component (when installed) : Administrator > Extensions > Install/Uninstall > Components check JotCache and press Uninstall button.

Now are all parts of JotCache removed from the application and database.