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Forcing local browser caching

Using local browser cache can extremely speed up user access to the content but it is necessary to take care for pages cached in this way because on locally cached pages browser IS NOT sending request to the server during entire local cache expiration time.

This type of caching is suitable for very static pages where time variation of actual content is not critical (sales conditions, informations about company, etc.).

Because on usual live sites only small range of pages fullfills these conditions the best way to implement browser caching is limitation of this feature on choosen URI path(s).

New form Browser Cache assignments :

allows to assign browser caching to all pages which URI starts with string set in definition input (Active for pages starting with URI). Each URI definition starts with '/' character.

Examples :


Default browser cache expiration time is possible to set in JotCache component parameters.

This function is only active when is set Use browser caching plugin parameter to YES.